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Name Bernd Paysan
Pronunciation bɛɐ̯nt peizɑ͂
E-Mail [de]
Nick forthy
🐙 kQusJzA;7*?t=uy@X}1GWr!+0qqp_Cn176t4(dQ*

Do I have [html]Hobbies?

Want to give me a job? See my [html]Resume!


The [html]4stack Processor



[html]b16 Processor

[html]Internet 2.0


[shar-gz]Time 3D (10k) is a clock. It uses flying balls to display the time. This balls move and wobble around to give you the impression your graphic workstation with its many XStones is doing something. T3D is part of [html]xscreensaver.

Forth WIKI markup

I don't create my web pages out of HTML myself. I use a Wiki-like [fs]markup language, written in Forth. You can look at the sources of [wf]this page, [wf]my hobby page, [wf]the bigFORTH page, and [wf]bigFORTH's changelog database.

A more detailed explanation about how [html]Wiki Forth works can be found here (German only for now).

Idea Corner

This is a place where I put ideas of things I'd like to buy, but apparently nobody else had the idea to make or sell them. Feel free to use these ideas.

[html]High resolution display

[html]Bernd's Global Positioning System


[html]Wacom on SuSE 9.2 AMD64

[html]Dell 2405FPW on Linux

[html]Linux on the MSI S270


Intertial systems in the context of accelerated masses.

Forth document resources

[html]Thinking Forth

[html]My collection of Forth one-screeners

[html]A Web-Server in Forth

[html]Forth Documentation Project

ICFP Contest Entries

No ICFP 2004 Contest Entry, since I was severely jet-lagged, when it was about to participate in that contest.


[html]Why do I use Forth?

[html]Black Humor: Das ist der Herr Bush (German)


Cisco Harrassess Security Researcher

[html]Cisco [html]harrassess security researcher Michael Lynn for publishing an [pdf]analysis about their IOS router operating system. Come on, Cisco, you are hurting yourself and your customers with this knee-jerk reaction.

PGP [gpg-asc]public key block

Since the German government fell into the "anti-terrorism" trap, they don't respect your privacy on e-mail communication anymore. An infrastructure for evesdropping is currently installed; data can be obtained by various government agencies without notice. The original plan was even to store all messages without suspicion for a period of one year. Since real terrorists will encrypt their messages, anyway, this only harms the normal citicen. Therefore, I use [html]GnuPG now for privacy, and recommend that you send me encrypted mails.

[html]Sicheres Mailen (auch) mit Windows

This is a short article in German, derived partly from an old version of the Enigmail HOWTO. Use the current [html]Enigmail documentation.

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