Curriculum Vitae

name Bernd Paysan my photo
date of birth 1970/03/03
nationality German


1976-1978 Primary School [html]Neubiberg near Munich
1978-1980 Primary School [html]Samberger Schule in Munich
1980-1989 Abitur [html]Gymnasium in Pullach/Munich
1990-1997 Diplom Computer Science at [html]TU München

Alternative Civilian Service

1989-1990 alternative civilian service in [php]Martha-Maria hospital in Munich

Employment History

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Date Employer & Role
2010/2-2011/9 [html]Dialog aquired power management design team
Senior Design Engineer:
  • Gasgauge: Firmware development: rewrote smart battery firmware algorithm to b16. Adapted algorithm for battery aging.
    Concept for fast battery characterization.
    Software: Debugger GUI and demonstration/data logging GUI, characterization data evaluation, validation tools.
    Digital design: integration into test chip.
2008/7-2010/2 [html]Diodes aquired Zetex PLC
IC Design Engineer:
  • Gasgauge: Digital design: Integration of b16 CPU, I²C interface, RAM, ROM, SPI for debugging, work on 10 bit ADC, debugger interface for software development and demonstration GUI (1 year)
  • Charger: Intersil 9221/Maxim 8601 clone, analog design: Comparator blocks, power transistors (including layout and device engineering), architecture, and voltage mode regulator (1 year)

Administration of the Munich Linux network
2005/4-2008/7 Zetex aquired Mikron AG
IC Design Engineer:
  • Direct digital feedback amplifier ([html]DDFA): Project leader of the modulator part. Digital design of I²S input, equalizer DSP, upsampling DSP, volume control; conversion from FPGA tool-based output stage. Implementation of a GUI to operate the device and design filters (3 years).

Administration of the Munich Linux network